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Kickstarter rewards no longer available

Please note that donating through Kickstarter or Paypal for the Kickstarter rewards is not longer possible. You can use the in-game shop now if you want to buy cool rewards.

Donation Rewards

Donation Reward
€ 5 Kitten
+ Catamancer HD Wallpaper Collection
+ 4 Card Packs
An awesome wallpaper collection in widescreen and HD formats! Check the rewards section for a preview and more information! The wallpapers will be delivered as soon as the campaign ends!
€ 10 Munchkin
+ Closed Beta Access
+ 9 Card Packs
We expect to go into closed beta in May or June 2016. Closed beta access comes with a reserved username, access to development forums and a lot of Beta Card Packs to properly playtest the game!
€ 15 Siamese
+ 2x Closed Beta Access
+ 15 Card Packs
Invite a friend into the closed beta!
€ 25 Puma
+ Exclusive Arena Skin
+ Exclusive Catamancer Tombstone in Board Game Online
+ 28 Card Packs
€ 50 Muricat
+ Exclusive Mythical Card - Muricat
+ Exlusive Summon Animation - Teleporter
+ PDF - The Creation of Catamancer
+ 60 Card Packs
€ 75 Catdalf the Grey
+ Exclusive Card Back Skin
+ 1 Mythical Card Pack (Contains at least 2x Mythical, 3x Rare and 1x Breeder.)
+ 95 Card Packs
€ 100 Zoologist
+ Sponsor A Card
+ Alpha Access (~January 2016)
+ 140 Card Packs
Choose a game card to call your own. You will be mentioned as the official sponsor of that card in the in-game Catalogue. You will get to choose your card when the game is nearing release.
€ 200 Catdalf the White
+ 3x Mythical Card Pack (Contains at least 2x Mythical, 3x Rare and 1x Breeder.)
+ 5x Closed Beta Access
€ 500 Crazy Cat Lady
+ Your Cat in the Game
+ Mythical Card: The Cat Conjurer
Your own cat will be drawn by one of our artists and will appear in-game as an actual summoned cat. A mythical card called The Cat Conjurer will summon random cats from these! The card text will even mention your cat’s name!
€ 500 Cathulhu
+ Personal Catalyst Skin
+ Mythical Card: The Cat Conjurer
You get to describe your own Catalyst skin, which will then be drawn by our artist Yel Zamor and added to the game just for you!
€ 1000 The Milk Man
+ Developer Dinner
+ Design A Card
+ 10x Closed Beta Access
You’re invited for a day at our office and dinner with the developers of Catamancer. Enjoy our fine cooking and a peek behind the scenes of Catamancer! Optionally, Dysprosium will also give you a hug, muttering that he loves you more than anything else in the world. Trip to our office not included in the pledge amount!
Design a card with the developers! You heard it right! We will implement a card of your own design in Catamancer! Of course we have the final say in the exact mechanics and values of the card, but we will do our best to make your idea come to life in an actual, collectible card! The card will be drawn by one of our artists, but you get to choose which one!
€ 5000 Catamancer
+ Personal Arena Skin
+ 25x Closed Beta Access
You get to describe your own Arena skin and we will create it for you! You will be the only person to ever use this skin, so you’ll instantly become a celebrity in the game!