About Catamancer

Catamancer is a free-to-play online Collectible Card Game (CCG) with an emphasis on fun, strategy and cats. Units are placed on a grid-based arena board, allowing for unique mechanics not seen in other CCGs.

Defend fields, jump over units, knock them back or pull them towards you! Summon neutral units that don't belong to either player, use unit skills and hide your units underneath cardboard boxes to play ultimate mind games with your opponent.


Deck Creation

When you play a game of Catamancer, you use a deck of cards that you have constructed yourself in the Catalogue. A deck consists of 30 cards. You can only put 2 copies of a card in your deck and only 1 copy of Mythical cards.

Basic gameplay

On the left side of the arena you see your own Catalyst. Your ultimate goal is to protect your Catalyst and destroy your opponent's. You summon units by playing Unit Cards (red) and unleash spells by playing Spell Cards (green).

Every turn you recharge your Energy and gain one extra Max Energy. So the first turn you have 1 Energy, the second turn you have 2 Energy and so on. This allows you to start using more expensive cards as the game progresses.

At the start of your turn you draw a random card from your deck. Every card has an Energy Cost, displayed in the top left of the card (purple crystal). This shows how much Energy you need to pay to play that card.

Units have three values: Attack (red crystal), Health (green crystal), Speed (orange crystal).

The game ends when one of either Catalysts reaches 0 Health, causing that player to lose. Since there are many cards (and new ones being added regularly) there will be endless strategies available to win the game.


Free to play

Catamancer is entirely free to play, but does provide optional purchase options. It is possible for players to collect every card, skin, animation and achievement through normal gameplay.


Catamancer is being developed using our home made Frostbolt Framework, which allows the game to easily be deployed on many different platforms. At first, Catamancer will become available on PC (browser), Android and iOS. No matter where you are, you'll be able to play Catamancer! And you only need a single account!

Player versus Player (PvP)

First and foremost you can play against other players over the internet. You can play a quick casual game or an intense ranked game against an opponent of equal skill.

Solo Gameplay

PvP is not for everyone and many people enjoy solo content once in a while. We're dedicated to adding a lot of fun and challenging solo options to the game. Solve puzzles, battle special computer bosses or break records, both personal and public!


Most CCGs don't have achievements or only very basic ones. We are dedicated towards creating a great amount of fun achievements that will tempt you to try interesting builds and strategies. They will be fun to collect and help you learn to play the game.


The more you play, the more you expand your card collection. With every new card, tons of new possibilities arise. Besides collecting cards, we aim to add many more collectibles, such as achievements, skins, animations and emotes!